What is Rosaceae?

Rosaceae (Row-Zay-Cee) is the rose family of plants including 91 genera such as Rosa, Malus, Sorbus, Alchemilla, Rubus, Prunus and many more.

It's the name for Stephen Keable's garden services business. He offers general garden maintenance, lawn mowing and care, planting, weeding, hedge cutting, rose pruning, propagation, fruit tree pruning and much more.

He expects to attain his RHS Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture in July 2024 and has been a Garden Volunteer at Anglesey Abbey since 2022.

Why Rosaceae?

Stephen chose the name as his mother's middle name was Rosa and her mother's first name was too.
So you could say he comes from a family of Rosas.

Both his mother and grandmother were also keen gardeners and he hopes they would be happy he's chosen to pick up the secateurs too.




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